About Our Parks

About Our Parks

The Momence Park District operates five facilities within the boundaries of Momence, IL.  Each facility is unique and provides  the residents of Momence, Illinois and surrounding communities with opportunities to play, learn and relax!

The park office  is located at Island Park, which offers a one-of-a-kind location featuring acres of wooded beauty and wildlife. The Kanakee river runs on both sides of the Park. Island Park offers room to roam, picnic, fish and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Kankakee River.  Many special events  and activities are held here throughout the year.

Park hours

Sunrise - Sunset - 7 Days a week

Park rules apply at all locations

1.        NO Drugs/Alcohol Use On Park Property

2.        Please, No Driving/Parking On Grass

3.        PLEASE Place Trash In Designated Containers

4.        NO Glass Bottles/Containers On Park Property     

5.        NO Swimming/Diving On Park Property

6.        NO Loud Stereo Use On Park Property

7.         There is NO Camping On Park Property

8.        NO Hunting/Firearm Use On Park Property

9..      NO Open Fires On Park Property  Grilling Allowed By Permit Only  Permits available from Park Staff

10.      Groups Over 15 Require a Park Permit

11.      Illinois State Fishing License Required

12.      ILDNR Regulations Apply On Park Property

Island Park

79 Mill Street/Box 665

Momence, IL 60954

Boat Launch Park

11600 E. Keyser Street

Momence, IL 60954

Jed and Emma Park

271 Park Street

Momence, IL 60954

Walnut Street Park

201 Walnut Street

Momence, IL 60954

Island View Park

3000 N Wilbur Street

Momence, IL 60954